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Vision Statement

We as Troop 84 see ourselves in the future driving attendance and therefore advancement by organizing and clearly communicating fun events and activities including service projects.

Patrol Points Leaderboard

Each patrol will compete over the next 6 months to see who can collect the most points. Patrol points are awarded by the senior patrol leader, his assistants, and adult leaders for things like winning patrol competitions, achieving a rank, earning a merit badge ect.

1. 15 points to Buckets for Caving Maze

2. 10 points to Tommies for Caving Maze

3. 5 points to Duckies for Caving Maze

MLG Water Bucket Patrol
50% (15 votes)
Tomahawk Patrol
33% (10 votes)
Ninja Rubber Duckie Patrol
17% (5 votes)
Total votes: 30

Klondike Derby 2023

Last weekend our troop competed in the Klondike Derby for the first time in our troop's history! Taking place at Lazarus, this campout gave us a rare opportunity to show our team skills and see how we stack up against other troops in our district. Each troop brings a sled for each patrol to not only carry some of the necessary items we'll need for the stations, but to push it to victory in a special sled race. Each patrol was to rotate in stations to compete in many different scout related activities, to try and get the fastest time out of everybody that came before or after you that day, like a time trial. At each station, you are given gold nuggets based on your team's initial performance, teamworking skills, and scout spirit. These gold nuggets (they are not just spray painted rocks, why would you ask me that??) are used for spending at the auction at the end of the event, to buy tons of snacks and stuff for your troop. Before the auction, the fastest patrols are announced for each event, and extra nuggets are then given to the winning patrols. Our group of 8 scouts showed a very impressive performance for our first time there - we officially won the tripod lashing race and the official 8 knot challenge in easily record time. We also got the fastest times for the "panning for gold" event, and the fastest time in the great sled race. For the rest of the events, we got the maximum amount of nuggets for almost all of them, meaning our troop had the most nuggets in the end. Unanimously with the boys there, this event was one of the best campouts we've been on. We have another Klondike sled, so I'd love to see even more of our troop come compete with us next year, maybe we can come with two full teams for troop 84.


Winter Cabin Campout

To start of the year, Troop 84 returened to Camp falling rock for our 2023 Winter Cabin Campout. We stayed 2 nights in the Sequoia Lodge near Lake Peewee.

After filling up with lots of oatmeal, each scouts worked on an eagle required meitbadge for the morning. This included Emergency Prearedness and Hiking. The hiking group (Ben Alex Trey) did their 5 mile hike around the camp grounds, following the top dog trail (route below). After that, the grubmasters (Noah Nathaniel) prepared a fire for pita pockets.

Folowing Lunch, the troop went out to maintain our trail on the northeast section of the camp. We spent 2 hours rakeing the trial and cuting fallen trees in the path

After the service project, the rest of the time was spent playing games and eating dinner. Some of the favorite games played included Stratego, Chess, and Mafia.

We made it into the Scout Life magazine!!

On last year's skiing campout, we were asked by the authors of Scout Life (formerly called Boy's Life) to interview a few of our attending scouts on their skiing experience as well as provide some pictures. Owen, Trey, Patrick, and Lucas were the ones selected for the interview. After long last, the newest article of scout life has a 3 page skiing article - with us in it!

The article we were in is linked in the file below, check it out!!